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IPL Laser Hair Removal Handset

IPL Laser Hair Removal Handset

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✨ Enjoy professional-grade laser hair removal from the comfort of your home.

✨ Durable glass tip for consistent and effective treatment sessions.

✨ Designed for those who prefer a meticulous approach to hair removal.

✨ Easy to handle and operate, making hair removal sessions convenient and stress-free.

✨ Achieve noticeable hair reduction and smoother skin with consistent use.


Good Q!

IPL stands for intense pulsed light. It works similar to laser hair removal, only it’s way easier and safer to do at home.

IPL is a handheld device that targets unwanted hairs at the root and destroys them with light pulses (IPL) without burning or damaging your skin. It stops hair from growing back for long-term hair reduction.

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  • 1,000,000 Flashes

  • Any Body Part

  • Quick & Easy

  • Real Results

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  • I'm totally blown away.

    "Ingrown hair and the skin irritation was the bane of my life for many years. Bleame has changed the way my skin looks forever, I get so many complements from my husband daily!"

    - Sara

  • Smoother, more softer leg

    "I’ve only been using this eraser for a week, but so far it seems to be a pretty good hair removal. My skin is smooth and soft after using. It is lightening up my dark spots significantly!!! I love it."

    - Maya

  • You have to try this!!

    "Money well spent! I can’t believe what I use to pay for professional waxing (painful, yuk.) and this IPL does the same thing, minus the pain! Not to mention, saves me money too."

    - Saba

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Are you sick or shaving, waxing or expensive laser treatments?

Don’t want to deal with hairy body parts then our IPL Device is for you.

Save money. Save time. Get real results and Get Hair-free.

Zap away unwanted hair for good with our IPL Hair Removal Device.

Designed to deliver long term hair removal with results seen in as little as 4 weeks.

Our IPL Device can be used on any body part and treatments only need to be done twice a week in the comfort of your own home.

Cheaper than laser, way more convenient than shaving and less painful than waxing! 

Get smooth hair-free skin from home that stays hair-free for the long run! 

What's Included

  • IPL Handset

  • Power Supply

  • User Guide

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Benefits Of HeySilkySkin IPL Vs Other Hair Removal Methods

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Long Term Hair Removal On Any Body Part

The SilkSkin™ Handset comfortably heats the hair follicle to the root, which effectively stops the hair follicles growth from the core, the perfect pain free, affordable and long term hair removal solution.

Conveniently stop hair growth at home with the  SilkSkin™ Handset completely pain free on ANY body part.

We've made hair removal quicker, safer, convient and more affordable than ever before.


  • Face

  • Armpits

  • Arms & Legs

  • Full  Body

  • Bikini & Brazilian

  • Tummy

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What You Need To Know About HeySilkySkin IPL Device

What is IPL?

Our IPL Device uses intense pulse light to penetrate thedamage the hair follicle and impair the ability for it to grow back resultingin permanent hair removal.

How IPL works?

IPL (Intense Pulse Light) laser hair removal is a safe,gentle, non-invasive, pain free way to remove hair regrowth permanently byreducing hair regrowth and you can treat any body part.

Light pulses from the device and penetrates the hairfollicle destroying the hair regrowth impairing the hair follicle to grow back.The hair follicles are eliminated with long term results.

Is IPL safe?

Yes. Extensive research and studies have been done to show IPL to be safe and effective solution for long term hair removal. Our handset are CE and ROHS certified for at home use. All UV rays are filtered out to protect your skin.

Does It Hurt?

Our IPL handset is a pain-free way to remove unwanted hair for good. It has 5 intensity levels for every skin sensitivity type. No more razor rashes or bumpy ingrown hairs or painful waxing, tweezing or epilating.

What Results can you expect?

SilkSkin IPL device is designed to deliver long-term hair removal 12 weeks with notice results after 3-4 weeks.

Most people experience optimal results after 12 weeks of use. Most can throw away razors for good, others may require touch up for maintenance every once in a while (once every 3 months). Say good bye to everyday shaving!